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Successfully obtained co-financing by MGRT and EU ERDF for the operation to develop the KumuluzCrowdsensing platform for data collection and the perception of crowd needs in smart cities and communities.


The operation KumuluzCrowdsensing has been chosen at the Call to tender "Incentives for Research & Development Projects 2", issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU from the European Regional Development Fund.

EKP sklad   MGRT
Operation title
KumuluzCrowdsensing – Platform for data collection and the perception of crowd needs in smart cities and communities

The goal and business opportunity of the KumuluzCrowdsensing solution is to complete the development and launch a platform that will properly collect, store, process, anonymize and protect crowd-sensing mass data - these data comes from various devices, such as cell phones, tablets, smart watches, other wearable-computing devices, IoT devices and sensors (including fixed sensors), smart traffic infrastructure, intelligent building sensors, etc. - and, on the other hand, it will expose these data to different target groups through simple, customized software interfaces (APIs) that can be used by stakeholders interested in developing innovative solutions, e.g. simple mobile or web applications, complex systems for smart building control, traffic, public signalization, etc. All of these have in common, that such solutions will use crowd-sensing data collected using the KumuluzCrowdsensing platform in a simple and accessible way, through API interfaces and micro-service concepts. This will enable the development of new innovative solutions for smart cities and communities, simplify and reduce their development, bring development closer to smaller teams and individuals, and significantly increase the reach of such applications and solutions.

Challenges in the development of the KumuluzCrowdsensing platform stem from the fact that capturing crowd-sensing data in many application scenarios in smart cities incorporates access and the collection of sensitive data, such as user location, social interaction, voice recordings, etc. In this context, a lot of problems need to be solved and we have to find solutions for technological problems related to the safe and confidential storage of collected data (this will be solved with the use of blockchain technology), procedures for data anonymization (development of a suitable solution based on algorithms), ways of implementing platforms using micro-services, cloud-native architecture, and DevOps, and ways to expose data through APIs.

Main objectives in the key performance indicators:
Objective 1: Number of exposed APIs for the data of masses.

  • KPI: 3 (current state: 1).

Objective 2: Develop a set of micro-services to store data of the masses in a blockchain and to manage smart contracts
  • KPI: 1 (current state: 0)

Objective 3: The number of developed integration adapters for the collection of crowd-sensing data from different systems
  • KPI: 7 (current state: 3).


Leading partner: Sunesis, d.o.o.
Partner: Abelium d.o.o.
Duration period
7.2.2018 - 6.2.2020
Project head at Abelium
Boris Horvat (CEO) (contact form)